BET Awards: Hollywood Swag Bags

Volcanica Candles were a featured item in this years 2013 BET Awards Hollywood Swag Bags – VIP gift bags given out to celebrities and select attendees. We were so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to present our specialty candles as part of the gift bags. Can you spot the Volcanica Candles amongst all these fabulous gifts?!



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Now Trending: Nuts for Coconut

Look around grocery stores, mini marts, clothing & accessory stores; you’ll see coconut products everywhere. One of the many reasons people are so nuts about coconut is the various health benefits it has. Coconut water is hydrating by nature and the coconut scent is quite soothing. Volcanica has created a natural coconut candle that not only smells of the delicious beachy, nutty scent, but is housed within a coconut shaped shell.

volcanica candles

Take a look at the Volcanica Coconut Three-Wick Candle here

Now Trending: All Things Wood

Wood is all the rage in the textile & accessory industries; wooden glasses, watches, jewelry, accessories, colognes/perfumes, handbags, shoes & more. Keeping with the times, Volcanica has also come up with a wooden themed candle line with this in mind.

volcanica candles

volcanica candles volcanica candles
Rustic in nature, these candles are each unique in their own right & each feature a different scent. Shop our specialty candle selection here!

We Are Featured: Miss A!

Our shore-inspired specialty candles were recently featured in the online magazine, Miss A. Take a look at the post by their columnist, Lisa Beth Miller, and her take on beachy-hostess gifts, which are perfect for the summer & warm weather parties!

Volcanica Candles

These unique candles are  available here.
& Take a look at the feature here!


NEW! Wooden Volcanica Candles

Have you seen the newest additions to the Volcanica Candle collection? We now have wooden carved candles that are simply terrific. Perfect for woodsy themed interiors, events, and locations; each specialty candle is uniquely carved by hand and set within a wooden carved casing.

These decorative luminaries once again attain their carved outer shell and burn within themselves, holding a carved and unique exterior that can be used again and again.

These candles make a perfect addition to a woodland-themed wedding, or a woodsy dinner party.

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Incorporate our candles within your homes as a perfect table accent

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Additional candle designs include

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 6.22.19 PM

Purchase these unique styles here.

Volcanica Weddings

Our specialty decorative candles are the perfect addition to any wedding decor. Featuring both unique and traditionally carved candles, they are sure to create conversation within the wedding decor on your big day. We have a wide selection of unscented candles that will not interfere with the smells within the tables. Our candles are also low enough that they will not interfere with the views of your guests!


Whether you choose pillars, tapers, or floating candles, Volcanica has a selection of various colors & carvings that will look gorgeous incorporated into your table settings. We also have larger candles, such as these, which are great to present at the entryway to your ceremony and or reception.

Did you have Volcanica candles at your wedding? Please share your photos with us!

We Are Featured: Newport Wedding Magazine

Volcanica specialty candles were featured on the Newport Wedding Magazine‘s website. Newport Wedding ‘Mag’ is one of the most renowned publications both on the east coast and country-wide for weddings & events. We are honored to have our Sterling Petite Pillar featured as a top accent item in wedding day decor!


The Sterling Petite Pillar is carefully hand carved, detailing rose blooms with a silver glitter piping. With over 51 hours of burn time, you will enjoy endless hours of glow at your special event or ordinary day. These candles are also available with gold glitter piping, and quad shaped luminaries as well.

Take a look at our other unique decorative luminaries here.

Dine with Volcanica Candles

volcanica candles

Planning a dinner party? Awe your guests with your unique Volcanica candle centerpiece. Candles provide fantastic mood lighting; they are romantic, calm and neutral. Your food, beverage and decor theme will determine the candles you will choose from our selection. Summer parties are right around the corner and there is nothing better than candlelight at dusk! Whether you choose a clean linen or burlap runner, or no runner at all, Volcanica candles are sure to be a beautiful centerpiece at your dinner table.

The first thing to remember is to choose a variety of shapes and sizes, creating dimension amongst your table.  Mixing a variety of the round Botanic Pillars & Exalt Pillars, alternating sizes from small, medium and large. Accent these candles with any of our Quad or Raised candles for a stunning mixture of shapes and textures.

Adding height to your table as well, without blocking view of your guests, add a few candlesticks, such as the surmise swirl tapers, or highborn tapers. The intricacy in their designs create an interesting setting.

Would you opt for a more simplistic approach to your dinner table decor? Our Surmise Large Vase luminaries provide a beautiful and calming glow within their 7X7” shell. Our selections of floating candles are the perfect addition to a flat rectangular vase centerpiece as well; floating candles are available in round, floral, and geometric shapes.

Whichever designs you choose, the artful appearance of our candles will be sure to bring life and conversation to your party!